for the love
of cambodia


June 2017
  • The House now offers 3 air-con rooms to visitors
  • The Village work is now mostly run by Christian Cambodians
  • We support the work of NGO Helping Hand
January/February 2017
Christine will be in the UK and is speaking at –
  • Lumb Baptist Church, Rossendale  6.30pm Sunday 22nd January
  • Staveley Parish Church, Staveley, Cumbria 9.30am Sunday 5th February
  • Aglow International, DeVere Hotel, Blackpool – 7.00pm Monday 6th February (registration is necessary – please email me for details)
  • Longton Community Church, Preston, Lancashire 8.00pm Tuesday 7th February
December 2016
For more information on how you can support the church in Cambodia contact Jesse McCaul <>

November 2016 – Big thank you to our encouraging visitors from The Well Church, Lytham St Annes, UK for supporting slum families by donating more than 200k of rice; paying to have the water pumped out of a flooded village and loving us.

October 2016 – Supporting Helping Hand – an amazing opportunity to get involved and lend a helping hand to children at risk.

May 2016 – For the love of Cambodia is presenting at Leyland Pentecostal Church, Preston, Lancashire, England 6.30pm Sunday 15th May

April 2016 – Helping Hand Charity offers an amazing opportunity to get involved and lend a helping hand to children who are at risk of being sex workers.

February 2016 – From Julie’s blog. I have noticed a young boy, he must be about ten, he is always carrying his younger sibling with him. He is always on the defense, borderline aggressive with the other children, the weight of the world on his shoulders. I am slowly gaining his trust, I have started to practise a few english words with him, but he is quite reluctant/embarrassed to speak to me. It’s like he has to remain hard around his peers.  We have decided to find out where he lives and try and get to know his family. Please pray about this. 

I felt overwhelmed this week when I started to focus on the children, maybe that is why I don’t do it all the time. I can tell the difference between the children who are under financial oppression, or otherwise,  passed on from their parents and the ones who are allowed to be children.  I wouldn’t know what it was like to be a parent and worry about where the next meal was going to come from, there is no fall back system here. Life is different, when you have no money you really do have no money.

January 2016 Arrived at the village to zero children, we could hear the music, like a cat wailing, from a ceremony nearby. We were told that all the children had gone to watch. I was just about to pack up and leave when one child arrived. I had the projector and all the colouring stuff in boxes and baskets and I was thinking, well it’s a bit pointless getting it all out for one child, but then God reminded me that I was there for the one. More children started to arrive at this point, news had obviously spread that I was there and when I turned around I had quite a little gathering. Julie De Loup (Manna Ministries)

December 2015 We attend New Life Fellowship Church and we have recently decided to support a young family from the church who are church planting in the poor provinces . This family will live at the house for a nominal rent – Thy Kingdom come … Thy will be done.

October 2015 There are now over 70 children learning about Jesus every Saturday morning in the village of Pre Sor

July 2015 Christine and Julie will be in UK for 6 weeks from Sunday 28th June to Tuesday 4th August this year. We will use this time to share with the church in UK – some of the wonderful things God is doing in Cambodia and at the same time invite people to visit us in Phnom Penh.

Please let me know asap if you would like us to speak in your church fellowship.
We would particularly welcome the opportunity to speak to womens  groups and youth groups – to inform, encourage and bless.

February 2015 The House is extended to include 3 extra guest rooms and a second kitchen/living area so more visitors to Cambodia can be accommodated. The House supports volunteers with Daughters of Cambodia and workers at Hope School

According to the news from VOA, Cambodia has 68% of Youth under 30 years old. It’s a great opportunity for missionaries and the harvesters of God to bring change to this beloved nation. May God bless Cambodia.

November 2014 The House explores the possibility of serving in a second slum-village in the Pre Sor region of Phnom Penh ”The number of slum-dwellers in Phnom Penh grew by nearly 25 per cent this year to more than 100,000 people, according to a government report released yesterday. By the end of the year, 105,771 people lived in informal settlements, compared with 85,807 at the start of 2012. Slum locations — defined by the government as informal settlements erected on state public land — increased by eight to 511. In total, just over 25,100 families reside in Phnom Penh’s slums. The figures were published in the Phnom Penh Municipality’s annual report.”

February 2014 The House open their Christian Homestay

January 2014 Children’s work begins in slum area near Chbar Ampeou, Phnom Penh

May 2013 Welcome to our new baby Sanna

November 2012 Welcome to our new baby Marko

March 2012 IRIS Ministries are welcomed at The House. Supporting IRIS Ministries’ by providing the team with food, accommodation and translators. Iris Ministries are working in Cambodia to fight against Human Trafficking and Exploitation of children.